The Best of Sydney Dy Pools

sdy pools

For those looking for a bit of adventure with their swim, there are sdy pools that are sure to please. Located throughout the city, these unique swimming areas offer spectacular views and a sense of seclusion away from Sydney’s busy beaches. Some are accessible by walking paths and others are set among the rocks on Sydney’s eastern shore.

For the best of sdy pools, head to Coogee and swim in Wylie’s Baths. Founded in 1907 by champion swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie, these ocean tidal pools are built into the cliffs and atop exposed rock platforms with sweeping 180-degree views of Wedding Cake Island. In Coogee, you can also visit McIver’s Ladies Baths, the only ocean pool in Australia to be exclusively for women and children.

Further south is Maroubra’s Mahon Pool, set amid the inter-tidal rock platform and steep steps providing swimmers with a safe harbourside tidal enclosure. A coastal walking track also leads to the pool from a car park on Marine Parade. This is one of Sydney’s most beautiful tidal pools and is popular with swimmers and walkers.

Then there’s Double Bay’s Redleaf Beach, a harbourside swimming area with a wrap-around pontoon offering swimmers more room and protection from the rough surf. The pool is a safe and welcoming place for families and it is also home to the Murray Rose Pool, a large tidal lagoon that is ideal for snorkelling.

As a result of the cost, North Sydney Council will have to share the pool’s benefits beyond swimming carnivals in an attempt to recoup the bill. This may mean charging fashion week shows, production companies and private parties – far outside the usual remit of a local pool – in order to cover costs. For some, this is a political folly and for others it may help pay for the pool in the long run.

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