Sydney Dy Pools – The Original Infinity Pools

While Sydney’s iconic opera house and bridge are world-famous, the city also has an intriguing hidden secret – its collection of ocean pools. Serene at low tide, and choppy at high, these man-made public seawater pools dotted along the city’s surf coast are considered the original infinity pools. Some are just spectacular to look at, but others have a more significant history.

The most famous are Coogee’s Wylie’s Baths, built into cliffs by champion long distance and underwater swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie in 1907. The pool has a wraparound decking with stunning views over the Pacific Ocean, including Wedding Cake Island and Bondi Beach. Similarly stunning is the tidal pool in Maroubra, which is cut into the inter-tidal rock platform and provides magnificent ocean views. Steep steps from a car park on Marine Parade lead down to the swimming area, which is sheltered by rock outcrops.

Other gems include Double Bay’s Murray Rose Pool, which provides swimmers with a safe harbourside tidal enclosure that is open at both low and high tides. It’s a quaint and picturesque location, with the corrugated iron and painted cream and green pavilion tucked below Balmain’s sandstone cliffs providing an elegant backdrop to the swimming area.

Also in Double Bay is Jack Vanny Reserve’s Mahon Pool, which is set among exposed rock outcrops and a sense of seclusion. It’s a popular spot to see the sunrise or sunset, with the tidal pool a great place to swim at low tide.

If you’re planning to photograph a sdy pool, make sure to check the tides and swell conditions before visiting. They can have a big impact on the pool’s appearance and how safe it is to access and swim from certain vantage points. You can often find this information on the website of the relevant local council, which should have a sdy pools page.

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