Steps to Building a Data Governance Program

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In the first step of building a data governance program, you must develop a vision and a business case. Your vision spells out your broad strategic objective, while the business case describes the specific business opportunity you’re trying to address through a data governance program. This document becomes the guide for implementing policies that align with your strategic objective and articulate the specific benefits you’ll reap as a result of the program.

The second step in a successful data governance program is to develop and implement an architecture that defines the structure, processes and technology for managing your data. This architecture will ensure that your data governance program has a consistent, coherent, and effective set of policies that are based on best practices. It will also help you to avoid pitfalls and risks that can derail your program, including the risk of misalignment between your policies and your objectives.

A good data governance program should also provide a roadmap for the future, and include a framework to measure your progress along the way. This will enable you to determine whether the program is working as intended and if you need to make any changes. A data governance roadmap should also specify the people (roles), technologies and processes that will support your data governance program. It should also include the specific goals, metrics and timeframes that you want to achieve through the program.

As a result of the new laws and regulations, you must have a clear vision for your data governance program, as well as the strategies and initiatives that will allow you to achieve its goals. This vision should be clearly communicated and aligned with your organization’s objectives. It will also be necessary to ensure that everyone on your team understands the importance of implementing data governance, and how their individual efforts will impact the overall success of the program.

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