Singapore Prize – A Multi-Million Dollar Award For Branding

The Singapore Prize is a multi-million dollar award from the government for businesses that excel at branding. The winners are encouraged to use their winnings to help other companies in Singapore improve their branding efforts. They are also expected to invest a portion of their winnings in enhancing their own company’s products and services. In turn, this will help Singapore’s economy grow even more and create jobs for the local population.

The winner of the Singapore Prize must be able to show that their company has a strong branding, excellent customer service and a competitive product or service. The judges also look at the company’s business sustainability and growth plans as well as its contribution to society and social enterprise.

In addition to the cash prize, all the winners will receive a plaque, an exclusive certificate of recognition and a digital badge. They will also be invited to participate in a workshop to learn how to make the most of their prize money and maximise business opportunities. The prize money can be used to increase sales, expand into new markets or fund research and development.

A total of 15 companies have been awarded the Earthshot prize, which is worth $1 million and aims to accelerate their solutions to climate change and bring about “tangible action to repair the planet”. Britain’s Prince William, who launched the 10-year prize program in 2020, said the winners – an Indian maker of solar-powered dryers, a soil carbon marketplace and groups that work to make electric car batteries cleaner and restore Andean forests – showed that hope remains as the effects of global warming are felt worldwide.

The 2024 NUS Singapore History Prize will be open to all book-length publications in English (original or translated) that have made a substantial impact on our understanding of the nation’s history. The prize, which comes with a monetary award of S$50,000, will be administered by the Department of History at NUS. The jury will include Prof Mahbubani, and other experts including arts and literary figures, museum curators, and history teachers and curriculum developers.

A separate citation for a young writer will be awarded to an author who has written an outstanding book in the form of fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction for readers aged 11 and below. The young reader’s citation will come with an award of S$10,000.

Kishore Mahbubani, senior advisor for university and global relations at NUS, told reporters that the prize might be expanded in the future to cover other forms of storytelling such as movies, comic books, or even music. He cited the movie 12 Years a Slave as an example. “History can sometimes be conveyed more effectively through other forms of media,” he said. “It is an ongoing conversation that we are having.” The announcement was made at the launch of the 2024 NUS Singapore History Prize. The event was held at NUS’ Robertson Street campus. The event was attended by 200 people, including members of the public and school children.