Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

When you think of Hong Kong, you might not immediately associate the city with lush and beautiful swimming pools. However, there are plenty of public and government-run pools that are perfect for splashing around or taking a dip after a day exploring the shopping and cuisines on offer in this energetic city.

The first pool on our list is the Kowloon Park swimming complex, which was opened in 1989 and designed by Derek Walker Associates. It’s an indoor complex that includes a training pool and teaching pool, both of which are heated. It’s also home to a gym, sauna and steam bath, making it an ideal place to relax after a workout.

Another option is the Tsing Yi swimming pool, which has a main pool, a teaching pool, and one specifically for toddlers. The design of the building is reminiscent of its surrounding sea area, allowing natural light to flood the inside and creating a relaxing environment for everyone. This pool is great for families and also has a large water slide, which makes it fun for kids to enjoy after they’ve had a swim.

If you’re looking for a pool with views of the city, look no further than Island Shangri-La’s outdoor pool. Located right in the heart of Central, this pool offers unparalleled views of some of Hong Kong’s most iconic skyscrapers, making you feel like you’re on vacation at a beachside resort. In addition to the stunning view, there’s a palm tree-lined walkway and umbrella-lined lounge chairs, which make it an enjoyable location for both relaxation and recreation.

There are plenty of other pools to choose from if you want to escape the city, but many of them are not as easily accessible. For instance, the Bride’s Pool waterfall in Tai O requires a sweaty hike along the scenic Bride’s Pool Nature Trail, but it’s well worth the trek to see this crystal-clear pool in its natural habitat. The secluded location of the pool makes it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

With the cool sniff of autumn in the air, a dip in a hongkong pool is an excellent way to relax and unwind. So grab your swimsuit, a towel and some suncream and head to one of these amazing pools in Hong Kong!

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